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Residues on invertebrates – statistical analysis of data from CSL and industry - PS2333

EU Directive 94/414 requires that plant protection products have no unacceptable effects on the environment, particularly on non-target species and Defra Pesticides Safety Directorate (PSD) is responsible for assessing the environmental safety of pesticides in the UK. At the EU level the current Bird and Mammals Guidance document is currently being reviewed and revised as required. CSL have been undertaking studies in a project in liaison with industry in which residue data on invertebrate prey items have been collected. It has been suggested that the two data sets generated are combined and default RUDs generated to replace the current values, which are extrapolated from residues on seeds. It is important that such statistical analysis is undertaken appropriately. Currently there is very limited statistical input into the working group and it is recognised this is important given the wide range of data generated according to crop type, experimental design and collection and analysis of samples. The industry data have been extracted by RifCon and anonymised. Therefore both the complete industry and CSL data sets are available. The extraction of the industry data has been funded by ECPA and they are also funding continued RifCon input into the statisitcal analysis.

The results will assist PSD by providing better information about relevant RUDs for invertebrates given the dataset available and any limitations in the use of the data. It will also provide information on the distribution of residue data which may be considered for incorporation into the WEBFRAM data. These will lead to improved risk assessment procedures and hence improve understanding of the potential risk to wildlife from pesticide use.
1. To undertake statistical analysis to determine appropriate default RUD values
2. To attend working group meetings and provide suitable information for revision of the guidance document and if possible (subject to agreement of the data providers) publication in the peer reviewed literature

Project Documents
• Final Report : Residues on invertebrates – statistical analysis of data from CSL and industry   (143k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2007

To: 2007

Cost: £7,210
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Central Science Laboratory
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Pesticide Safety