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Developing the evidence base for flood resilience - FD2607


Entec UK and Greenstreet Berman were commissioned in June 2007 to undertake a research project entitled “FD2607 – Developing the evidence base for flood resistance and resilience”. This project wasintended to provide analytical information for the wider Making Space for Water projects, RF1 and RF2(encouraging and incentivising uptake of resistance products and resilience measures by households and businesses). It should be noted that the primary focus of the research is the application of flood resistance
and resilience to existing properties rather than new development.
A key element of the project was the examination of the effectiveness of resistance and resilience measures in reducing flood risk over the long term. This involved developing a new economic model to quantify the
costs and benefits of resilience and resistance at a property level. The model was developed for both residential and selected commercial properties and facilitated the quantification of property-scale benefits
and costs for different packages of flood resistance and resilience measures. The study has also investigated a wider range of issues (including current awareness of flood resistance/resilience; impact of
insurance; access to information etc) which have influenced the existing use of resistance and resilience methods and how these factors could influence the adoption of these measures in the future. These issues
were investigated through a stakeholder survey (including insurance, loss adjusters; National Flood Forum;CIRIA and RICS representatives) and a telephone based survey of 1131 residential and commercial properties within significant flood risk areas of England.

Principally to assemble information on the costs and benefits of measures to produce a series of profiles for each of the individual or packages of resilience/resistance measures covering physical cost of purchase, maintenance cost, level of protection offered, level of benefit, environmental and social issues and technical feasibility. Secondly to identify and research the social and attitudinal barriers to the uptake of these measures.

This study will provide a basis on which Defra can advance a key aspect of policy, essential for the improvement of flood risk management, and encourage wider engagement by the community at large.
Project Documents
• Final Report : FD2607 Final Report SID5   (45k)
• Final Report - SID5A : FD2607 Final Report SID5A   (49k)
• Technical Report : Developing the evidence base for flood resistance and resilience: Summary report   (879k)
• Technical Summary : Developing the evidence base for flood resistance and resilience   (48k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2007

To: 2008

Cost: £102,434
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Entec UK Limited
Environmental Protection              
Flood and Coastal Defence              
Flood Defence              
Policy Development              
Fields of Study
Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management