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Long term performance of organic farming in the hills and uplands - Redesdale and Pwllpeiran organic units - OF0368

During the1990’s significant areas of hill and upland in the UK were converted to organic production. In the short term, this was driven by the downturn in conventional prices for beef and sheep, and the aid to conversion payments available. In more recent years there has been an expansion of organic farming in lowland beef and sheep, and arable systems. This provides a better opportunity to integrate hill and lowland production, and address some of the problems of infrastructure e.g. organic concentrate feed supply and limited finishing capacity for hill livestock. Decoupling of EU support from production, through the single farm payment scheme, will affect the financial performance and longer-term sustainability of both organic and conventional production systems. By altering the scale and type of production on conventional farms, CAP reform also has the potential to impact, directly and indirectly, on the development and long-term prospects for organic farming in the hills and uplands.

Supported by previous Defra-funded research, the overall objective of this proposal is to analyse physical and financial performance from the long-term data collected on the upland organic units at ADAS Redesdale and Pwllpeiran.The project will consolidate and interpret the data collected at Redesdale up to March 2006. Results will be presented in a final report to Defra, and the technical messages communicated more widely by means of an e-booklet, to be produced by 31 March 2007.
The overall objective of this proposal is complete data collection and long-term analyses on the organic unit at ADAS Redesdale, and using additional data from the organic unit at ADAS Pwllpeiran, to assess the performance of organic beef and sheep production in the hills and uplands.

The specific objectives are, to;-

Obj. 1 Analyse long-term performance of organically managed upland sheep and beef systems at ADAS Redesdale and Pwllpeiran.

Obj. 2 Draw together the physical, financial and environmental issues affecting organic hill and upland farming, making recommendations for future policy, and research needs

Obj. 4 Provide for effective communication of the results

Project Documents
• Final Report : Long term performance of organic farming in the hills and uplands – Redesdale and Pwllpeiran organic units        (466k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2007

To: 2007

Cost: £133,358
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