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Influencing changes in behaviour: existing evidence to inform environmental leadership - SD14002

Secondary analysis of existing research relating to pro-environmental behavioural change. The study will review evidence relating to both producers and consumers, at individual and collective levels. The aim of this study is to bridge the discourse between theoretical analysis and more policy-focussed examples relating to policy instruments, target groups, good practice and effectiveness. By reviewing both theoretical and applied literature, the study will contribute towards a better practical understanding of how Defra can influence behaviours and will set an agenda for future work. Key outputs (including a series of practical guides for policy makers and practitioners) are due in Spring 2006.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Chapter 1   (2302k)
• Final Report : Chapter 2   (1070k)
• Final Report : Chapter 3   (814k)
• Final Report : Summary Report   (348k)
• Information Leaflet : Practical Guide Number 1 - Sustainable Resource Use in the Home   (139k)
• Information Leaflet : Practical Guide Number 10 - Sustainable Resource Use in Business and Organisations   (110k)
• Information Leaflet : Practical Guide Number 6 - Sustainable Shopping and Sustainable Production   (173k)
• Information Leaflet : Practical Guide Number 8 - Tackling the Waste Challenge   (144k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2005

To: 2006

Cost: £63,017
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University - Westminster
Behaviour change              
Social Research              
Sustainable Development