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BBSRC Government Partnership Awards - Animal Sciences - SD0433

BBSRC Animal Sciences Committee Government Partnership Awards (CSA funding)

May 2004 Animal Sciences round

1. BB/C503638/1 & BB/0082X/1 (Alex Morrow) - Proteomic analysis of triclabendazole response in fasciola hepatica. Dr P Brophy UoW, Aberystwyth and Dr A Trudgett, Queen`s Belfast.

2. BB/C506021/1 (David Mullin) - Do cell mediated immune responses equivalent to the Th1 responses exist in fish?. Dr J Zou, University of Aberdeen.

3. BB/C510316 & BB/C510559/1 (Emma Jones) - Cognitative bases of competitive behaviour and information transfer in domestic pigs. Dr MT Mendl, University of Bristol and Dr RW Byrne, St Andrews.

4. BB/C50964X/1 (Peter Stevenson) - Characterisation of the molecular basis of systemic salmonellosis in calves. Dr TS Wallis, IAH.

5. BB/C508193/1 (Alex Morrow) - Whole genome screen to identify virulence factors of the porcine pathogen actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae. Dr P Langford, Imperial College London.

6. BB/C003403/1 (Alex Morrow) - Antigenic diversity for anaplasma phagocytophilum during recurrent bacteriaemia in sheep. Dr Z Woldehiwet, University of Liverpool.

7. BB/C508885/1 & BB/C509031/1 (Alastair MacMillan) - Proteomic signatures of bovine TB. Prof D O’Connor, University Southampton and Dr B Villarreal-Ramos, IAH.

Nov 2004 Animal Sciences round

8. BB/C518457/1 (David Mullin) - Molecular studies of the saprolegnia-fish interaction: unravelling virulence factors and host responses. Dr P Van West, University of Aberdeen.

9. BB/C514731/1 & BB/C518265/1 (Alex Morrow) - Interaction of Marek`s disease virus Meq protein and chicken CtBP in cell transformation and the pathogenesis of Marek`s disease. Professor M Allday, Imperial College London and V Nair, IAH.

10. BB/C516460/1(David Mullin) - A transcriptome analysis of the host-pathogen relationship in infectious pancreatic necrosis of atlantic salmon. Prof A Teale, University of Stirling.

11. BB/C516495/1 (Scott Sellers) - The role of novel influenza A protein PB1-F2 in viral pathogenesis in the avian species. Dr WS Barclay, University of Reading.

June 2005 Animal Sciences round

12. BB/D001536/1 (Alex Morrow) - Immune inductor and effector sites in the upper airways of cattle and influence of site of antigen expre4ssion on induction of mucosal immunity. G Taylor, IAH Compton.

13. BB/D003806/1 (Alastair MacMillan) - Do post-receptor binding events decide the fate of mycobacteria in bovine macrophages? T Coffey, IAH.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2004

To: 2009

Cost: £766,000
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