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Economic Analysis of Forestry Policy in England - ER02053

It is a requirement of Defra’s Spending Review 2002 budget settlement that it should commission, jointly with the Treasury, a review with terms of reference covering:
• What the Government’s role in forestry should be in England; and
• What organisational structure is most appropriate for delivery of
this role, including commentary on the UK-wide implications for the
existing institutional arrangements.

Subsequently it has been confirmed that the review should examine the Government’s role in forestry in England from first principles and that it should feed into other reviews commissioned by the budget settlement:
• In particular, the review of environmental and rural delivery
arrangements across Defra and the wider Defra ‘family’ which will
consider the scope for rationalisation and for improvements in
quality of delivery in the context of the wider rural development
• Defra’s review of all existing programmes (in the form of an
activity review/baselining exercise in order to prepare for SR 2004)
Project Documents
• Executive Summary : Economic Analysis of Forestry Policy in England   (69k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2002

To: 2003

Cost: £29,415
Contractor / Funded Organisations
CJC Consulting
Economic Policy Evaluation