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Economic Evaluation of the Fishing Vessel Decommissioning Scheme - ER02051

The specific objectives of the research are to assess:
• the effectiveness of decommissioning in meeting the target
originally set for it, and, in a wider context, in assisting the
UK meet its MAGP objectives;
• the effects of scheme rules on uptake; (e.g. the exclusion of
certain segments, and the requirement for vessels to be over 10
years old);
• the effects of other factors on uptake; (such as the relationship
between licence prices and value of track record (a proxy for
profitability), the costs of decommissioning and geographical
• participants’ views on the administration of the schemes (processing
times, use of forms and literature);
• non-participants’ reasons for not applying to join the schemes and
an examination of factors which may influence this;
• the way in which applicants formulate their bids;
• the degree of additionality (deadweight cost) including the extent
to which those that applied for decommissioning would have left the
industry in any case but taking account of the fact that licences
could be sold on for use on new entrant vessels;
• value for money considerations;
• suggestions for improving the scheme including the possibility of
challenge funding.
Project Documents
• Executive Summary : Economic Evaluation of the Fishing Vessel Decommissioning Scheme   (23k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1996

To: 1997

Cost: £60,118
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Nautilus Consultants
Common Fisheries Policy (CFP)              
Decommissioning of Fishing Vessels              
Economic Policy Evaluation