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Contribution to Diffuse non-Ag project - WT03031

In order to meet the requirements of the Water Framework Directive, Defra need to address non-agricultural as well as agricultural sources of diffuse pollution. Defra also need to determine which measures will be most effective in securing the objective of good ecological and chemical water quality. This will require the strengthening of the existing evidence base on the sources and impacts of Non-Agricultural Diffuse Pollution in the UK, with support from experience in other countries.

The aims of this study are:
1. To identify the various sources of information on the five primary sources of diffuse
pollution identified by the NADiP Steering Group. These are
· Sewage;
· Sediment;
· Industry;
· Transport; and
· Abandoned Mines.
This process will begin with examination of sources of information known to the
Steering Group, but a literature search will then expand this list of sources to include
further information from the UK, the European Union and other country’s which have
published relevant information.
2. To collate information from these sources on the five sources of diffuse pollution in
terms of:
· The activities undertaken by each source which results in the release of diffuse
· The key diffuse pollutants associated with each source and their relative
importance within that source;
· The impacts of each of these pollutants on watercourses and groundwater in
terms of their chemistry and ecology; and
· The relative contribution of each diffuse pollution source to the total impact of
diffuse pollution in the UK, where possible.
The five sources were chosen because they encapsulate the known major nonagricultural
diffuse pollutants. These are:
· Solvents;
· Phosphates;
· Priority substances, as identified in the Water Framework Directive;
· Ammonia;
· Fecal pathogens;
· Acidity;
· Hydrocarbons; and
· Heavy metals
Project Documents
• Final Report : Final Report: Non-Agricultural Diffuse Pollution - Substance and Impact Matrix   (3892k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2005

To: 2006

Cost: £19,735
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Haskoning UK Ltd
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