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Economic Evaluation of MAFF's Farm Animal Welfare Policy - ER02038

The Government is committed to the highest possible welfare standards in the husbandry, transportation, marketing and slaughter of all farmed livestock. In the case of legislative requirements the aim is to achieve improvements through measures which require common minimum welfare standards throughout the EU.

The annual MAFF Departmental budget for the farm animal welfare programme amounts to approximately £4 million. About three quarters of this is allocated to the work of the Veterinary Field Service (VFS) which has primary responsibility for the monitoring and enforcement of standards set by legislation and welfare codes relating to the welfare of livestock on farms. Other elements include £0.5 million for advisory campaigns and other work carried out by ADAS and £0.1 million to support the Farm Animal Welfare Council which gives independent advice to Ministers.

The principal aim of this study is to develop a methodology intended to be applied to the evaluation of MAFF`s animal welfare policy as it applies to livestock on farms. It will establish a framework for the objective assessment of current welfare standards. This will enable a baseline to be established; changes over time to be measured and the assessment of the extent to which any change can be attributed to the impact of Government policy.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Economic Evaluation of MAFF's Farm Animal Welfare Policy   (343k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1998

To: 2000

Cost: £37,000
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University - Reading
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Animal Welfare              
Economic Policy Evaluation