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Modified starch containing silane moieties - NF0608

Starch derived from wheat provides renewable raw materials for a range of industrial applications. Biofillers, the latest generation of starch based products being introduced in the market, are obtained by chemically bonding metals to starch which permits a better distribution in a core polymer matrix. This phenomenon has been used in the development of new starch materials for use in tyre manufacture where performance advantages result in having longer life-span tyres as well as a reduction in fuel consumption.The principal objective of this project is to modify starch by silylation and therefore to obtain organo-silica biofillers and then access the potential technical and economic performances of such derivatives in a range of end products (coatings, light cement, foam trays for food packaging, polymeric matrix composites for hard tissue replacement, surface sizing agents in the paper industry).In addition, to allow the market introduction of products with superior properties, the successful development of a biofiller based industry has the potential to satisfy policies regarding sustainable development, rural resource management and the reduction of greenhouse gases. In particular the introduction of new starch based materials into industry would satisfy government policies on:- Sustainability, by developing uses of wheat-derived starch, a locally available renewable resource, therefore reducing supply chain risks that may arise when material is sourced internationally.- Reduction of waste into landfill, when starch derivatives are used in the manufacture of compostable food packaging (cf work by Stadex in this area already).- Tackling global warming due to the reduced embodied energy of starch based light cement compared with perlite based materials.- To ensure economic growth and efficiency in the use of crops and derivatives, working with the end of the supply chain to meet consumers’ needs in a way that improves economic efficiency, and that could safeguard the environment and bring social benefits.Demonstration products will be produced in participation with a joint contractor, Stadex Industries (a starch derivatives UK based manufacturer). The materials will be fully evaluated and the results used to encourage industry take up of new products.
1. Develop environmentally friendly technology for production of silylated starches

2. Develop the use of silylated starches in paper, paint, and other composites.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Modified starch containing silane moieties   (1136k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2005

To: 2005

Cost: £67,914
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University of Wales, Bangor, Stadex Industries Ltd
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Fields of Study
Non-Food Crops