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The Cambridge Infectious Diseases Consortium - VT0105

We propose to establish the Cambridge Infectious Diseases Consortium (CIDC), to provide an environment offering complementary expertise and facilities for veterinary training and research in infectious diseases. It is our contention that central to the control of infectious diseases is an understanding of the quantitative dynamics of host-pathogen relationships across a spectrum from the molecular level to whole animal populations. A strength of the CIDC will be its combination of important disciplines (microbiology, virology, genomics, immunology, pathology, epidemiology and clinical research) within the quantitative dynamics framework. We aim to couple this multidisciplinary research base to educational programmes so that this integrated foundation will drive training of infectious disease veterinarians at all levels of seniority. This will empower the wider veterinary community, including practice-based veterinary clinicians, to engage fully with the research agenda. This proposal is consistent with numerous official reports relating to infectious diseases in people (most recently "Fighting Infection" from the House of Lords), but retains a focus on animal diseases.The objectives will be:
1) To develop the CIDC by building on existing collaborations and establishing new ones between the CIDC partners to provide a training environment for understanding the dynamics and control of infectious diseases.
2) To establish a Disease Dynamics Unit at the Cambridge veterinary school.
3) To establish a flexible outreach programme with the general veterinary community.
4) To enhance the research opportunities for postgraduate veterinarians.
5) To enhance undergraduate veterinary education in infectious diseases.
6) To develop a research and training programme in Influenza A infection dynamicsThe main outputs will be:
1. A new generation of veterinary scientists with a deep understanding of infectious disease dynamics.
2. A critical mass of scientific expertise focussed on new approaches to controlling infectious diseases of livestock.
3. A source of clear scientific advice and resources for responding to infectious disease problems.
4. New information on dynamics and control of important endemic and epidemic disease problems of veterinary species with profound veterinary and public health implications.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2004

To: 2009

Cost: £5,000,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University - Cambridge
Animal Diseases              
Biotech-non GM              
Fields of Study
Animal Health