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A directory of activity in priority catchments - ES0202

Diffuse pollution describes the process of pollutants being released to the water environment from an area of land as opposed to a point source, such as a pipe. Agriculture contributes significantly to diffuse pollution and can result in the transport of chemicals such as pesticides and nutrients, as well as sediment, to rivers. Combating diffuse pollution is one of Defra`s priorities and is a requirement of the Water Framework Directive. Aparticularly important initiative that is currently taking place ids Defra`s Catchment Sensitive Farming project. As part of the Government`s on-going work on diffuse pollution , English Nature has identified 105 sites throughout England where diffuse pollution from agriculture is affecting important nature conservation sites. A number of these areas are currently being characterised, in terms of land-use and environmental management activity, in a separate funded project. The proposed study will identify those activities in the remaining catchments aimed at combating diffuse pollution from agriculture. These may include farmer group actions, voluntary initiatives and conservation projects. The results of the study will help to inform Defra of activity currently taking place on the ground to combat diffuse pollution from agriculture. They will also help to establish how future initiatives should be carried out, ultimately helping to meet the demands of the Water Framework Directive.
Identify priority catchments, the current activity geared to addressing diffuse water pollution from agriculture (e.g. volunatary initiatives, farmer groups, conservation schemes)

Document this activity with contact details in a report by the end of August.

Develop the current UK-ADAPT website to contain this information, based around an interactive UK mp (by October).
Project Documents
• Final Report : A directory of activity in priority catchments   (2268k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2004

To: 2004

Cost: £29,764
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Environmental Protection