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Helpline support for PLANET Nutrient Management software - KT0120

A key policy objective of Defra and other Government organisations is to reduce nutrient pollution of the environment. Implementing measures to persuade farmers to adopt good nutrient management practices is parly based around encouraging adoption of the recommendations contained in the industry standard Defra `Fertiliser Recommendations (RB209)` publication. Under project KT0113, the PLANET (Planning Land Applications of Nutrients for Efficiency and the environment) software is being developed which will provide a quick and easy way for farmers to obtain RB209 recommendations on a routine, field by field basis. PLANET will be available both as stand alone version and available for use under licence by third party developers, such as the commercial agricultural software industry. PLANET version 1 was officially launched at the Cereals 2004 event on 16 June and will be available free of charge to end-users (farmers and their advisers) from summer/autumn 2004 after pilot testing has been completed.

This proposal will provide Helpline support for

i) third party developers
ii)end-users of the PLANET software and will help ensure that PLANET is widely and effectively used throughout the industry. It will complement information contained on the PLANET website. The Helpline will also meet Defra`s legal obligations as described in the PLANET version 1 Dynamic Link Library Licence Agreement between Defra and third party developers of the PLANET software.
1.To provide technical assistance and support in accordance with Defra`s obligation (as Licensor) in clause 6.1 of the PLANET version 1 Dynamic Link Library Licence Agreement between Defra and third party developers of the PLANET version 1 software as shown below (July 2004-March 2007):

6.1 Defra shall, during the term of this Agreement, but subject to Clause 6.3 below:
6.1.1 respond to requests from the License for up to 4 hours technical assistance free of charge; beyond this, support may be provided at Defra`s discretion and may be charged for on a time and materials basis;
6.1.2 use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the DLL (RB209) performs satisfactorily to specification and to provide resources/Patches to address errors in the DLL (RB209)within a reasonable timescale;
6.1.3 give the License at least 3 calendar months notice of any New Versions of the DLL (RB209);
6.1.4 ensure the timely supply to the License of any New Versions of the DLL (RB209)and relevant documentation on their use.

2. To provide Helpline support to end-users of the PLANET stand alone version 1 (July 2004-March 2007).

Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2004

To: 2007

Cost: £113,782
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