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A Review on Environmental Enrichment for Pigs - AW0137

The objective of this research is to produce a review of the scientific literature on environmental enrichment for pigs. The review will cover studies on different topic areas (straw-bedded systems, enrichment with single objects and alternative housing systems with several enrichment features) and will discuss the effects of enrichment on behaviour, health, aggression, physiology, meat quality for pigs of different ages within a welfare framework.The literature will also be evaluated in the light of results of Defra project AW0124 (Environmental enrichment, behavioural development and welfare of pigs), in which characteristics of enrichment objects inducing and maintaining the interest of pigs were identified. The project will provide knowledge about the current status of scientific research on enrichment for pigs and this can assist Defra with policy decisions (guidance for producers on how to comply with the legislation), with the review of the EU pig directives in 2005 and with pinpointing areas where further enrichment research is needed.The review will be offered to a refereed scientific journal.
Project Documents
• Final Report : A Review on Environmental Enrichment for Pigs   (278k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2004

To: 2005

Cost: £19,347
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Animal Welfare