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Improving Cost efficiency of Potato Cyst Nematode Resistance Testing - VS05010

Cultivar resistance to potato cyst nematodes (PCN), Globodera rostochiensis and G. pallida, is tested during National List trials by growing plants in pots with a standard number of cysts as inoculum (Phillips et al., 1989). Separating and counting the newly formed cysts at the end of the growing cycle is laborious and time consuming. Advanced Technologies (Cambridge) Ltd (ATC) have developed a method whereby the roots are examined at an early stage of nematode attack and stained to reveal feeding juveniles. The main objective is to establish how well the results of the staining method are correlated with those from the current National List method. If the results of the staining method are acceptable, this will reduce costs as a result of the shorter growing period of plants with inoculum, and dispensing with extracting cysts from soil.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Improving the Cost Efficiency of Potato Cyst Nematode Testing   (407k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2002

To: 2004

Cost: £9,000
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National Institute of Agricultural Botany
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