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UK Government - SETAC joint meeting and UK-Japan workshop on endocrine disruption - CB01041

There has been a significant amount of work funded by government (Defra, BBSRC and Environment Agency) in the UK on endocrine disrupters in the environment. The EU has also recently announced the 4 successful research projects on endocrine disrupter research. In order to ensure that this research is disseminated as widely as possible, Defra contributed to a scientific conference held under the auspices of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Europe.

In December 1999 the UK and Japanese Governments signed an arrangement to cooperate on research on endocrine disruption in the aquatic environment. The cooperation began with a workshop of Japanese and UK scientists hosted by the Japanese Government in Kobe and a further meeting was held in the UK at Plymouth University, in January 2001. Defra organised another scientific workshop in the UK in April 2003, to link in with and follow-on from the UK-SETAC conference.

The aim of the joint meeting was to provide a forum for wider discussion of government, industry and EU funded endocrine disrupter research.
Project Documents
• Conference and Workshop Presentations and Reports : Endocrine disrupters in the environment - linking research and policy   (358k)
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From: 2003

To: 2003

Cost: £20,585
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