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Production of summary of Nutrient tables (energy, amino acid, vitamins & minerals) for pigs - LS3652


In the latter half of 2001 DEFRA placed a contract with BSAS with the intention of determining if there was a perceived need for up-to-date nutrient requirement documentation to replace that which was now either seriously (and potentially dangerously) outdated, or ignored by practitioners as flawed.
The work on Pigs was undertaken by a team led by Professor Colin Whittemore. Their final report with its recommendations was presented to the Annual meeting of BSAS on April 9th 2002. One area was identified as the top priority for which there was particularly urgent need and could be dealt with in the short term at economical cost to sponsors. This recommendation states;

“As none presently exist, that there be produced summary tables of requirement suitable for the guidance of smaller and on-farm feed compounders”.

The purpose of this proposal is to produce a final document that has been scrutinized by stakeholders and addresses the need to provide a series of summary tables of requirement (energy, amino acid, vitamin and mineral) suitable for the guidance of smaller and on-farm feed compounders in the pig sector. The document will be a Technology Transfer medium and would help UK pig producers mitigate problems facing them through the lack of up to date and accurate information on nutrition standards for the feeding of pigs. It will be disseminated widely to national feed compounders,to selected members of the International Nutritional Science community, to vitamin and mineral manufacturers, to feed supplement suppliers, to consultants, to Quality Assurance agencies, to representatives of the small and on-farm pig feed compounding community, to the Sponsors, to organisations such as UKASTA and NFU (S) and others as specified by BSAS or the Sponsors.

Project Documents
• Final Report : Production of summary of nutrient tables (energy, amino acids, vitamins & minerals) for pigs   (48k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2002

To: 2003

Cost: £19,500
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British Society of Animal Science
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Animal Welfare              
Livestock Farming              
Technology Transfer              
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