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African swine fever immune evasion genes - SE1510

The main objective is to gain a better understanding of how African swine fever virus manipulates macrophage function and of the role played by specific ASFV encoded proteins in evasion of host defence systems.
We will compare the effect of ASFV isolates of different pathogenicity on macrophage gene expression using a porcine cDNA microarray containing 2000 genes. We will also determine the effect of two ASFV proteins, A238L and CD2v, on macrophage gene expression using this cDNA microarray. These two proteins have an important role in evading host defence systems. They function by interacting with host immunomodulatory genes. ASFV is predicted to encode many proteins involved in evasion of host defence systems and we will also identify novel viral immune evasion proteins.
The benefits from the work will be a better understanding of virus host interactions. This will lead to a better understanding of both mechanisms used by the virus to evade host defence systems and thus persist in its host and of the mechanisms of virus pathogenesis. The results may also help to identify host resistence mechanisms. . This knowledge will aid in the development of an effective vaccine against ASFV and improvevour understanding of the characteristics of isolates of varying pathogenicity. The results will be made avaliable to the scientific community by publication in refereed journals and presentation at meetings. Knowledge and reagents from this project will help to direct work on ASFV and on other pathogen.
1. To use a porcine cDNA microarray; a) to characterise changes in host macrophage mRNA expression profiles following infection with ASFV isolates of varying pathogenecity,
b) to determine the effects of individual ASFV immune evasion genes on host macrophage gene expression.
2. To investigate the mechanism by which the ASFV CD2v protein inhibits lymphocyte proliferation.
3. To identify novel ASFV encoded proteins involved in immune evasion.
Project Documents
• Final Report : African Swine fever virus immune evasion genes   (237k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2003

To: 2006

Cost: £273,675
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Institute for Animal Health (BBSRC)
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