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Classical swine fever immunopathogenesis - SE0773

The research proposed is a continuation of ROAME SE0764 investigating the immunopathogenesi of Classical Swine Fever (CSF) and is a response to the 2003 call for DEFRA funded research (R6). The principal objective of the ROAME is to determine how CSFV modulates the normal processes whereby the host limits infection. These mechanisms invariably involve innate immune responses resulting in an interferon induced anti-viral stae and /or apoptosis of infected cells. Viruses that survive these innate responses are cleared by the effector cells of the acquired immune response for example cytotoxic T-cells. Our previous work has shown that CSFV blocks both production of interferons and apoptosis through mechanisms that invole sysnthesis of viral proteins. We will now expand this research to study preisely where the virus blocks these important cellular pathways and which viral proteins are involved. We will also study the effects of CSFV on molecules released by cytotoxic T-cells that trigger apoptosis. It is clear that an understanding of the mechanisms wheereby innate and acquired immune responses to CSFV are blocked are provides key information for understanding the molecular basis of virulence of CSFV. This is an important area of interest.
01- To determine the molecular mechanism of inhibition of type 1 interferon synthesis
(i) inhibition of transcription factors involved in interferon synthesis.
(ii) inhibition of the interferon signal transduction pathway.

02 To determine the mechanism of inhibition of apotosis in CSFV infected cells.
(i) Inhibition of intrinsic apoptosic pathway.
(ii) Is T-cell induction of apoptosis inhibted by CSFV?

02 To identify host proteins which interact with proteins encoded by CSFV
(i) Protein-Protein interactions analysed using a yeast 2-hybrid screen.
(ii) Expression of individual viral proteins.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Classical Swine Fever Immunopathogenesis   (756k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2003

To: 2006

Cost: £461,250
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Veterinary Laboratories Agency, Institute for Animal Health (BBSRC)
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Fields of Study
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