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Generation of novel recombinant SCFV antibodies to conformationally unique prion protein peptides. - SE1781

One of the key issues in prion research has been the generation of detection reagents, both those which cross-react with PrP isoforms and those which distinguish PrP isoforms. While the former group of reagents have been exhaustively described, antibodies which discriminate between the conformational isoforms have been lacking (the exception being mAb 15B3). Previous research has utilized conventional antibody production methods, both in numerous species and PrP null mice. In addition, a few reagents have been described which have been generated using phage display technologies in conjunction with conventional animal immunizations. The outcome of this effort have been numerous antibodies directed against unordered or loop structures which are present in both PrP isoforms.The generation of antibodies to isoform specific conformational features has not yet been possible.

This proposal outlines a programme of work which aims to generate new antibody reagents against conformational features of PrP using novel phage displayed single chain Fv (scFv) technology.We intend to utilize a synthetic scFv library in conjunction with a series of PrP peptides, which have highly unique conformational features, to isolate antibodies which recognize similar conformational features on PrP.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Final report   (23k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2003

To: 2005

Cost: £249,573
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University - Belfast - Queens
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