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Improving the detection and monitoring of storage beetle pests by development of a multi-species lure - LK0929

The first properly optimised and validated trap for storage beetles and a species specific lure for the saw-toothed grain beetle have been invented recently at CSL. However, this lure attracts only one primary pest, whereas stored grain can be infested by a wide range of insect species. As a result of a DEFRA-funded project which has just been completed, a mixture of materials has been identified which shows promising and long lasting activity as a multi-species lure for the saw-toothed grain beetle, the grain weevil and the rust-red grain beetle in laboratory conditions. The purpose of the proposed LINK project is to exploit this innovative invention by undertaking pre-competitive research to ensure that the multi-species lure can be brought to market. Monitoring protocols for the presence of beetle pests will be optimised.
1. Simplify composition of the lure to ensure that the required attractant mixture can be obtained easily, cheaply and in consistently high quality.
2. Confirm that the lure usefully augments trap catch both in empty premises and in grain bulks.
3. Ensure that the lure is effective for a wide range of pest species which may be encountered in the grain and milling trades.
4. Establish optimal manner for the use of the lure in a wide variety of practical situations.
5. Ensure that the response to trap catches augmented by the lure is appropriate.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2002

To: 2005

Cost: £221,329
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Home Grown Cereals Authority, Central Science Laboratory, Russell IPM, Igrox Ltd
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