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Provide advice on methods to improve promotion and facilitation of Rural Enterprise Scheme - RE0114

The ultimate objective of this research is to increase DEFRA’s capacity to raise awareness of the RES scheme, the number of applications received and the quality of applications submitted. This will assist DEFRA to achieve its policy goal of ‘providing assistance for projects that help to develop more sustainable, diversified and enterprising rural economies and communities’. The research will; review existing promotional and facilitation methodologies, determine best practice, review and recommend alternatives (using best practices identified) and communicate/disseminate recommendations to DEFRA policy makers and staff. It is our intention to ensure that the results of this research are effectively used to improve the promotion and facilitation of the RES
The objectives of this research are to:

1. Review the existing range of approaches used by both DEFRA and its partners to promote/market the scheme within its target market
2 Review the methods currently applied by DEFRA and its partners to facilitate the submission of good quality applications eligible for DEFRA grants
3 To assess the effectiveness of both the existing promotional approaches and facilitation methodologies currently deployed by DEFRA and its partners and the extent to which they meet rural entrepreneurs’ needs
4 To determine ‘best practice’ within the approaches and methodologies used
5 To review and consider alternative approaches for both promoting and facilitating the RES while building on best practices identified
6 To communicate and disseminate results of this research to both policy makers and implementers/staff
CEEDR will be specifically responsible for; completing research into the methods used to facilitate the RES, identifying the support needs of rural entrepreneurs wishing to start-up a new business, the identification of best practices associated with business support services and recommendations on how the RES can further facilitate good quality applications.
Rural Partnerships (jointly owned by the Plunkett Foundation and Enterplan) will be responsible for managing the assignment (brining specialist knowledge and experience on the management of competitive grants schemes) and will be specifically responsible for; completing research into the methods used to promote and market the RES; determining the effectiveness of these approaches; identifying best practices, reviewing alternative approaches and recommending how DEFRA can further promote the RES.
Project Documents
• Final Report : CSG15 Final Report   (46k)
• Final Report - Annex : Final Report - Main text   (275k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2002

To: 2003

Cost: £51,925
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Rural Partnerships
Food Chain              
Rural Development              
Fields of Study
Rural Affairs