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Three organic systems on medium silt soil; stockless system with benefit of pig manure; with associated outdoor pigs - OF0102

Conversion of farming systems from conventional to sustainable organic production (according to UKROFS standards) initially involves a 2 year fertility building phase. This study will aim to investigate the costs and potential problems associated with conversion of conventionally farmed land to production under organic standards. The study will involve measurement of physical and financial inputs and outputs during the conversion of an experimental farming system to organic production. 16 hectares of fertile soil will be converted to 3 organic management systems (stockless, pig manure, stocked with outdoor pigs) producing organic potatoes and cereals for sale, cereals and pulses for home consumption and clover/leys for mulching or stocking with pigs. Information will be gained and collated on the performance of the crops, crop diseases and pests and, where appropriate, the behaviour and welfare of livestock. Technical and financial reports will be produced for each year of the study and problems associated with organic farming that develop during the study will be documented and reviewed. The study will provide economic and farm and systems data based on sound scientific observations and will provide a scientific base for UK discussions with the EC regarding adoption of European standards for organic produce.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1991

To: 1995

Cost: £682,000
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