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A report of the zoonotic potential of rotaviruses - OZ0406

Rotaviruses are the major cause of viral gastroenteritis in young children, and contribute significantly to morbidity and mortality worldwide. They are also common animal pathogens. There is increasing evidence that strains of animal rotaviruses can infect humans. However, the potential for zoonotic transmission of rotaviruses has not been fully defined. The work proposed here will comprise a comprehensive review of current information on the extent and significance of zoonotic transmission of rotaviruses. The information will be compiled from the body of scientific literature, supplemented with details of relevant gene and protein sequences held on databases, and complemented by expert opinion from leading rotavirologists. The resulting Report should provide an accessible overview of the areas pertinent to the issue of zoonotic rotaviruses, highlighting areas of significance and identifying knowledge gaps. The Report will assist DEFRA in any decision on a future strategy to address any risk of zoonotic transmission of rotaviruses.
The objective of the project is to provide DEFRA with a detailed and comprehensive report on the potential for zoonotic transmission of rotaviruses. This will be submitted in March 2003.
Project Documents
• Final Report : A report on the zoonotic potential of rotaviruses   (39k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2002

To: 2003

Cost: £27,189
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Central Science Laboratory
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