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Pesticide application rate adjustment to the crop environment (PACE) for fruit spraying with an axial fan sprayer - PA1732

A preliminary PACE scheme has been developed for UK apple orchard spraying with axial-fan equipment. The scheme provides user information that is necessary for the adjustment of pesticide application rate to suit a range of different orchard types at different growth stages and reduce the variation of pesticide deposit. This enables the grower to identify opportunities to reduce the levels of pesticide residue that may be associated with the use of ‘full-dose’ application rates based on label recommendations. Furthermore, this will reduce the risk of environmental exposure to pesticides without reducing biological efficacy and therefore PACE is a candidate option for Local Environmental Risk Assessment for Pesticides (LERAPs). The proposed research programme will assess the operational performance of PACE on different commercial farms. These assessments will include the monitoring of biological efficacy and crop structure. The research will seek opportunities to extend the scheme to a wider range of apple tree planting systems (i.e. multi-row bed systems) and other fruit crops (i.e. plums or pears) based on LIDAR and deposition measurements. The information generated by this research is vital to the future needs of the industry to help them implement DEFRA policy to provide effective means of pest and disease control that is consistent with protecting the safety of people, animals and the environment. The research has the potential to identify the use of other practical methodologies to reduce the impact of the pesticide registration process on the resources of the agrochemical manufacturers and the Pesticide Safety Directorate (EU Directive 91/414).
1. Establish the acceptability of the PACE scheme for UK apple orchards.
2. Verify the biological performance of the PACE scheme for UK apple orchards.
3. Extend the PACE scheme for UK apple orchards to include multi-row bed systems and develop a PACE scheme for another major UK fruit crop.
4. Produce and distribute to UK apple growers a technical leaflet describing the PACE scheme.
5. Ensure that future PACE scheme developments follow European regulatory directives.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Pesticide application rate adjustment to the crop environment (PACE) for fruit spraying with an axial fan sprayer   (980k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2001

To: 2004

Cost: £519,899
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Silsoe Research Institute (BBSRC), Horticulture Research International
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Pesticide use              
Plants and Animals              
Fields of Study
Pesticide Safety