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To assess inputs of nutrients and acidity from the atmosphere and leaching - SP0202

Deposition of acidic material from the atmosphere (acid rain) has an adverse effect on soil and water quality and consequently on agricultural crops via degradation of cation exchange surfaces in soil and mobilisation of toxic metals (e.g. Al). Moreover, research has demonstrated that deposition of basic cations has decreased and consequently reduced the buffering of acid deposition. This study will aim to measure atmospheric deposition of basic cations (Na, K, Ca and Mg), anions (e.g. chorides, nitrites, phosphates, sulphates), hydrides, ammonium ions, NO2, NH3, SO2 and levels of N and S in arable agriculture. Impacts of acid deposition on soil acidification, particularly metal mobilisation and lime requirements, will also be studied. Information from this project will be of immediate value in determining lime and S fertilizer requirements for agricultural land and will advance understanding of atmospheric deposition and N cycling.
Primary objective: To identify and quantify the impacts of atmospheric deposition, especially N and S, on arable agriculture. Secondary objective: To assess the implications of the above for lime losses and lime requirements.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Acid deposition and soil acidification   (527k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1990

To: 1997

Cost: £353,903
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Rothamsted Research (BBSRC)
Fields of Study
Soil Protection