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Demonstration Moors in England and Wales - BD1233

The national objective is to set up four sites of good moorland management practices representative of different biogeographic zones in England and Wales.
The overall objective is to transfer results of scientific work on moorland management and regeneration to the user-audience by creating a set of four main regional sites where the problems of moorland management for agriculture, biodiversity and landscape quality can be [a] identified [b] addressed [c] costed and [d] results disseminated to the said user-audience.

The sub-objectives are:
a] to enhance sustainable dwarf shrub heath communities
b] to maintain and improve biodiversity
c] to maintain and improve the productivity of domestic animals
d] to demonstrate on a farm scale the steps necessary to convert “white” moorland dominated by both Nardus stricta and Molinia caerulea to grass/heath mixtures
e] to improve the legal methods of corvid and fox control, where appropriate
f] to change the sheep and cattle husbandry system, where appropriate, in such a way that sheep ticks Ixodes ricinus [if present] are disadvantaged
g] to hold Open & Training days on up to 20 days per year over all sites, but not exceeding 4 per site per year.
These operations [also listed under 7] will be carried out on a farm-scale on areas typical of each of the four biogeographic zones listed [ see 10a ].
Project Documents
• Final Report : Demonstration Moors in England and Wales   (4463k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2001

To: 2006

Cost: £397,659
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Heather Trust, The
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Environmental Stewardship