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Within-field population changes of potato cyst nematodes related to potato yield and nematicide treatments - HP0139

Work on the MAFF-funded project HP0124T led to the evolution of protocols for within-field mapping of pre-cropping and post-harvest population densities of potato cyst nematodes. A procedure was also developed to allow yield variation across fields to be mapped. We plan to use these protocols on four separate fields this year in order to validate the protocols. The fields will receive different nematicide treatments as part of their potato cyst nematode management strategies. If the protocols are robust, the data generated will be valuable for the further development of the spatial aspects of the population dynamics models currently under development at IACR and SCRI. In this respect, the data will represent a valuable resource for work proposed under the LINK proposal SAPPIO 112.
Because the project will support work to allow spatial rather than blanket application of nematicides within fields, it addresses policy objectives of limiting dependence on harmful inputs, making production more sustainable through reduced dependence on expensive inputs, and addressing consumer concerns over food safety by reducing the rates of nematicide use.
Scientific findings will be included in papers published in refereed journals and in presentations made to the agricultural industry. The most immediate value will be to the consortium of research and commercial partners involved in the LINK proposal referred to above.
The overall objectives are to record within-field distributions of PCN, note how they change when potatoes are grown under different management strategies, and relate initial population densities to crop yield.
Specific objectives are:
1. Produce maps of the within-field distributions of PCN in four fields before planting potatoes.
2. Map the distribution of PCN in the four fields after potato harvest.
3. Map the variation in yield across the four fields.
4. Make correlation analyses of PCN density before cropping with yield.

Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2000

To: 2001

Cost: £36,526
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Rothamsted Research (BBSRC)
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