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Lobster early release trials - FC0305

R&D Summary Objectives:- Under the lobster stock enhancement programme examine the viability of releasing juvenile lobsters at the earlier stage V/VI, including comparing the survival rate with the stage XII trials. Key customer purpose:- Improve the economic viability of the lobster stock enhancement programme by reducing the unit production costs thus encouraging the eventual use of this technique by industry.
A. Short/medium Term 1. Produce up to 4,000 juveniles during each summer season for the next four years. 2. Improve system of tagging stage V/VI juveniles with 0.5mm x 0.25mm microtag to minimise mortalities and maximise tag retention. 3. Determine effectiveness of releasing at stage V/VI by close monitoring of catches of undersize and market size animals from previously surveyed sites at Ardtoe. 4. Assess results by correlation with those from existing large scale projects. B. Long Term The long term aim is to be able to establish viable and self sustaining colonies of lobster on sea bed areas which have previously supported lobsters but for one reason or another no longer do so, and on artifical substrates which can be created in areas where the ecosystem would support the introduction of a new species. It is hoped that, if and when the results from the main lobster stock enhancement trials show positive proof of the effectiveness of the techniques, industry will come forward to pay for laying out of animals in specific selected areas. The first instance of this is already imminent as BP Ltd. have commissioned a feasibility study on the use of these techniques to restore lobster populations displaced by their proposal to build an artificial island in Poole Bay.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1990

To: 1994

Cost: £106,600
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Seafish Industry Authority
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Fields of Study
Fish Health and Aquaculture