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Nutritional quality of UK produced lupin seeds and forage - LS3606

A considerable proportion of the protein requirements of UK livestock are met by imported protein feeds notably soya from the USA, Brazil and Argentina.

Seeds from indeterminate genotypes of three lupin species have been used as a protein source in substantial quantities in areas such as eastern Europe and in Australia. Autumn-sown white Lupin genotypes with determinate plant architecture have been shown to be appropriate for protein seed production in Northern Europe, including the UK. To date there is limited research on the nutritional value of UK produced lupins for both high protein seed and forage production.

The overall objective of the research is to improve the traceability of protein sources for the livestock sector through research into the nutritional quality of UK-produced lupin seed and forage. Overall, the greater production and utilisation of lupin seed and forage crops on UK farms affords the opportunity to increase the traceability of protein sources. In addition, lupins offer a number of environmental benefits and some species/genotypes may be produced under low input or organic systems.

It is anticipated that the results of this project will be used to strengthen the development of a full LINK funded research project as highlighted in the draft concept note CN538. In addition, the review of the world-wide literature to be carried out as part of this project will be valuable to MAFF for assessing other research proposals submitted on Lupins.

Project Documents
• Final Report : Nutritional quality of UK produced lupin seeds and forage   (215k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2000

To: 2001

Cost: £64,500
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