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Comparison of National Soil Inventory Datasets - SP0506

The original National Soil Inventory was made between 1978-81. Statistically sound re-sampling was made of arable/ley grassland in 1994/95 and of permanent (managed) grassland in 1995/96, i.e. of those land-uses of most interest to MAFF's policies at that time. The time between the original sampling and the re-sampling is of the order which has been discussed in relation to long-term soil chemical changes, and to the establishment of a programme to monitor such change. Part of the latter discussion centres on whether it is necessary or sensible to sample all parameters after the same time interval, on all major land-uses, to have selected sampling in regions of greatest change and so on. No comprehensive comparison has been made of the original and re-sampled data. It is timely to make such a comparison, in relation to developments of soil indicators, a soil monitoring network, and of a soil (protection) strategy. The results of such a comparison can be expected to assist in the identification of those soil parameters which should be monitored more frequently than others. This will assist MAFF in achieving the best possible scientific support for its environmental policies, and the long-term sustainable use of the soil resource.
1. Data validation: assemble the three datasets (original, resampled arable/ley, re-sampled permanent grass) into one dataset, and check for inconsistencies and errors. Time end January 2000
2. To analyse the data statistically: Time - early March 2000
3. To interpret the statistical analysis, and report: Time - end-March 2000
Project Documents
• Final Report : Comparison of National Soil Inventory Datasets   (731k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2000

To: 2000

Cost: £14,335
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Soil Survey and Land Research Centre
Fields of Study
Soil Protection