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Review of particulates loss from agriculture - WA0802

This proposal will address current concerns about human exposure to airborne particulates arising from agricultural sources. It will include a review of relevant literature, a preliminary inventory of UK agricultural emissions, and address the health hazards of these emissions relative to other sources of primary particulate matter. Potential abatement techniques will be investigated, and gaps in knowledge identified along with needs for further research. The work will assist MAFF in the negotiation of international agreements, and in development of UK policy on control of particulate emissions.
i) To undertake literature review of potential sources of particulates from agricultural activities
ii) To prepare preliminary quantitative inventory of UK agricultural emissions
iii) To assess toxic and allergenic aspects of agricultural particulates
iv) To compare role of rural as opposed to urban emissions in population exposure
v) To identify potential abatement techniques
vi) To identify gaps in knowledge and understanding, and priorities for further research
Project Documents
• Final Report : Review of particulates loss from agriculture   (717k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2000

To: 2000

Cost: £31,365
Contractor / Funded Organisations
I C Consultants Ltd
Fields of Study
Environmental Protection - Agriculture