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Biology and control of mammalian vectors of Rabies - SE0414

The main objective of this project is to further our understanding of the biology of possible rabies vectors (i.e. cats and bats) and to test, examine and continue to improve the methods of control of wildlife rabies vectors (i.e. foxes and badgers). This is necessary under WHO guidelines to maintain rabies free status in the UK, and under a government commitment to replace the use of strychnine as the poison of choice for fox control during a rabies incident. The results of this work will feed directly into MAFF’s wildlife rabies control policy.
1. Develop methods to improve bait uptake by foxes in urban areas.
2. Produce a microsatellite database for Serotine bats in order to determine the genetic similarities between UK and European populations. The Bat Conservation Trust will supply tissue and faecal samples.
3. Further refine methods of controlling badgers for use in a rabies outbreak.
4. Develop spatial models of rabies in badgers and foxes, and integrate badgers with the current rabies programs.
5. Monitor recent changes in feral cat colony distribution and size.
6. Survey selected urban areas for changes in fox density.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Biology and Control of Mammalian Vectors of Rabies   (130k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1999

To: 2002

Cost: £550,474
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Central Science Laboratory
Animal Health              
Plants and Animals              
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Animal Health