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Genome sequence analysis of Mycobacterium bovis - SE3206(1)

The current test and slaughter policy used for the control of Mycobacterium bovis infection in cattle has failed to prevent a sharp rise in cases of bovine tuberculosis in recent years, especially in the south-west of England. The recently published Krebs’ Report on bovine tuberculosis in cattle and badgers has recommended that the best long term prospect for control in the British herd is to develop a cattle vaccine. To facilitate research into the development of vaccines against bovine tuberculosis we propose to generate the complete genome sequence of M. bovis. The materials and information derived from genomics will be used to develop diagnostic reagents for detection of disease and especially for the conception, development and complete characterisation of a vaccine to prevent bovine tuberculosis. It is intended that this project will be jointly funded by MAFF and the Wellcome Trust and is a three-way collaboration between the VLA, The Sanger Centre (SC) and the Institut Pasteur (IP).
01 VLA 31.10.98 Growth of M.bovis for DNA isolation
02 IP 31.12.98 Construction of BAC library
03 IP 31.12.98 Definition of canonical set of BACs
04 SC 31.03.99 Construction of shotgun library; forward and reverse sequencing of 30,000 clones. Sequence assembly.

05 IP SC 12.08.00 Gapfilling and finishing. (To be part funded by the Wellcome Trust)

06 ALL 31.03.01 Analysis and annotation of genome sequence. (To be part funded by the WellcomeTrust)

07 VLA/IP 31.11.02 Full annotation of Mycobacterium bovis genome
08 VLA/IP 30.09.03 Internet access to M. bois database via VLA and Institut Pasteur servers

09 VLA/IP 31.03.05 Release of M. bovis database with comparative data to world-wide community

10 VLA/IP 31.01.04 Linkage of microarray gene data to gene names via HTML links in BoviList to microarray database

11 VLA/IP 31.03.04 Integration of SNP analysis from both in silico and screening analysis into M. bovis database

12 IP/SC/VLA 31.03.04 Complete BCG genome sequence
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1999

To: 2005

Cost: £1,156,293
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Veterinary Laboratories Agency
Animal Health              
Bovine Tuberculosis              
Plants and Animals              
Fields of Study
Animal Health