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The ecological effects of sealice treatment agents - VM0293

The objective of this research is to determine the ecological effects in the marine environment of the use of sealice treatment medicines on salmon farms. The results will have relevance to the regulators of medicine use in the marine environemtn in the setting of safe ecological quality standards while allowing use of these medicines to maintain fish health. The results will be disseminated primarily via the peer-reviewed scientific literature but laso in a variety of more accessible formats such that they become widely avaliable to the public.
Our objectives for the final 2 years of the project are specifically:

1. To undertake further macrofaunal analyses on sediments from Loch Sunart, and post- Emamectin treatment sampling on 2 occasions at Loch Sunart with analyses of macrofauna from the sediments sampled pre- and post- Emamectin treatment in 2001 and from one further sampling at Kishorn in August 2002.

2. To continue deployment of sublittoral arrays at LOck Sunart over 2years.

3. To continue deployment of Shore Arrays at Loch Sunart over a further 2 years, Loch Kishorn over 1 year and with possible continuation of shore studies at Diabaig.

4. To complete a time-course study of the effects of infeed treatment chemicals on meiofauna, and undertake a comparison of grab and diver-clected samles for the assessment of copepod numbers, at L. Kishorn.

5. To continue a high frequency time0series of zooplankton, phytoplankton and nutrients measurements at Lock Sunart in conjunction with more intensive work at selected treatment events.

6. To sample determine the concentration of emamectin in sediments post treatment in Lock Sunart.

7. To analyse all data collected throughout the project to determine whether significant effects of the use of sealice treatment medicines can be distinguished from background variability.

8. To report this work in the scientific peer-reviewed literature, at scientific meetings and other methods deemed to be appropriate for informing the appropriate regulatory processess and conveying the results of this work to a wider audience.
Project Documents
• Final Report : The ecological effects of sea lice treatment agents   (14332k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1999

To: 2004

Cost: £942,007
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Scottish Association for Marine Science, Natural Environment Research Council
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Fields of Study
Animal Health
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