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Understanding the Route of TB Transmisssion from Badgers to Cattle. - SE3011

MAFF policy on bovine tuberculosis (TB) is to maintain the TB-free official status of British cattle. This is confounded by one or more wildlife reservoirs of the disease. Badgers are thought to be the principle wildlife reservoir of the disease, yet so far attempts to reduce the risks to cattle by badger control policies have had equivocal results. Several factors may contribute to the problems, but cruical to this is understanding how TB is spread from badgers to cattle. To address this problem, we propose an intergrated study, involving a wide group of collaborators, looking at selected stages of the transmission process.
01 the survival of M. bovis in rumen contents
02 The potential routes of M. bovis transmission from pasture contaminated with infected badger excreta to cattle under controlled conditions.
(i) To determine if M. bovis can be acquired during investigate behaviour.
(ii) To determine if infection occurs as a result of investigative behaviour.
(iii) To determine whether infection can occur as a resullt of grazing
(iv) To investigate the contribution of erucation of M. bovis BCG to establishing pulmonary disease.
03 The level of grazing and investigative contact dairy cows have with pasture contaminated with badger excreta.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Understanding the route of TB transmission from badgers to cattle   (436k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1999

To: 2001

Cost: £266,942
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University - Bristol
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