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N2O and denitrification measurements on nutrient demo farms (add-on to NT2001) - CC0238

This project will aim to measure nitrous oxide and denitrification losses following application of farm manure and inorganic fertiliser N on each of 4 nutrient demonstration farms. Field scale measurements will be undertaken to quantify nitrous oxide and denitrification losses from selected “standard” and “improved” manure management systems following the application in the spring of a range of farm manures (pig/cattle N slurry, pig/cattle FYM, separated cattle slurry solids and layer manure) and inorganic fertiliser N. The improved manure management systems will include practices such as the topdressing of slurries and poultry manures to growing crops in spring (compared to standard autumn-winter timings), use of low-trajectory spreaders (compared to broadcasting) and rapid manure incorporation where appropriate. Specific objectives of this project will include: 1. Demonstration that improved manure management practices can decrease emissions of nitrous oxide (N2O) and di-nitrogen (N2), thereby increasing the efficiency of manure nitrogen utilisation; 2. Quantification of environmental benefits of the improved management practices in reducing emissions of N2O and N2 in relation to ammonia under commercial farming conditions; and 3. Quantification of the economic impacts of the improved management practices on farm profitability. Results of this work will contribute to reducing nitrous oxide emissions from agriculture, and improving the utilisation of nutrients from organic manures as part of a sustainable farming system.
Project Documents
• Final Report : N2O and denitrification measurements on nutrient demo farms (add-on to NT2001)   (3834k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1998

To: 2002

Cost: £133,530
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Agriculture and Climate Change