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`GIS based Commercial High resolution Agro-Meteorological data, products and services on the internet` - LK0702

Main Objectives

To research, validate and devise a consortium Intranet communications solutions and an Intranet commuications solution and an Internet-based system that collects, collates, validates, visualises and delivers interpolated agro-meterological data, products and services including interaction with edaphic factors to a broad customer base in the agricultural and horitultural industries and to other potential customers at a range of spatial and temporal scales.

Main Milestones:

(1) Estimate potential traffic beteem data providers; (2) Enhance communications capacity to handle data exchange and ensure resilience, (3) Construct database to store all baseline envrionmental data, raw and interpolated meteorologival data: (4) Research and validate interpolation methods for all real-time and forecast meteorological variables important to agriculture/horticulture; (5) Adopt and codde best interpolation method for each variavle: (6) Run interpolation routines, integrage biologival/physical models and visualise outputs in AreInfo/Arce View GIS for the whole of the UK (8) Scale and install processors, memory and disk storage capacty needed to handle computing task (9) Constuct Web stie specifically to handle data products and services (10) Llaunch initially free service and educate users.

Main Deliverables: Consortium Intranet/Communications system, interpoloation methods, interpolated data, database for baseline environmental , raw and provessed meteorolocial data, model output, GIS visualisations of risk/productvity.

Research highlights and innovations:

· Researching interpolation methods, general cross-validatio and eror surface generation for msot agro-meteorologival variables:
· First use of UK Meteorological Office (UKMO) rada rainfall and reporting rainguuage network in real-time to provide data for interpolation:
· Identification of ‘gaps’ in the Uk Meterological Office synoptic n etwork which accounts for signficant errors in interpolated variables:
· Supplementing UKMO synoptic network and integrating its data that from et the road conditions/ice forecasting systems operated by industry plus thje potential to supplement further these three networks using data from localised ‘mini’ or ‘micro-networks’
· Integration and ‘normalisation’ of data from neighbouring meteorological stations for senior ‘drift’
· Coninuous cross-checking of data from meighbouring meteorological sations or senor ‘drift’
· Generation of high resolution (potential smallest pixel-0.25 hectares) continuous meteorollgical ‘ surfaces’ for use in biologial/physical models insteread of point-source or coarse-gridded data;
· Integrattiom of meteorologyh and edaphyic fators to provide anoverall crop environment data provision system
· Incoorporation of interpolated forecasted data values at the approprate scale;
· Identified commercial potential for availability of UKMO, CSL and SSLRC added vaue data, products sand services at high spatial resolution to a wide customer base via the Internet. `

Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2000

To: 2003

Cost: £657,100
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Central Science Laboratory
Climate and Weather              
Environmental Protection              
Plant Pests and Diseases              
Sustainable Production              
Fields of Study
Arable Crops