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The role of virulence determinants of streptococcus uberis in the pathogenesis of bovine mastitis in the dairy cow. - OD1710

Bovine mastitis is the most common infectious disease of dairy cattle and costs the UK dairy industry around £170 M per year. Its control and treatment in the UK relies on the use of around 12 million doses of therapeutic and prophylactic antibiotic per year.
Streptococcus uberis is responsible for around 30% of all cases of mastitis in the UK. Infection by this bacterium is not prevented by recommended husbandry procedures and new strategies are needed to limit economic loss, reduce the use of antibiotics, safeguard food quality and improve the health and welfare of dairy cattle.
Due to the ubiquitous nature of S. uberis in the environment, control of infection cannot be accomplished by simply reducing exposure of the udder and requires detailed knowledge of the host?pathogen interactions which promote disease. A lack of such information currently hampers the development of suitable control strategies.
Infection of the bovine mammary gland by S. uberis is dependent on the ability to grow in milk and resist phagocytosis by neutrophils. It has been postulated that these properties are mediated, at least in part, by the plasminogen activator (PauA) and a capsule, respectively. Confirmation of the role of each of these molecules in vivo is required if effective and sustainable control strategies are to be developed. This project aims to address this issue.
Production of isogenic mutants of S. uberis in which the genes encoding PauA and capsule production have been disrupted and an assessment of their virulence in the dairy cow will allow the requirement and role of these molecules in the pathogenesis of bovine mastitis to be determined. This will facilitate the control of S. uberis infection in the future identifying the events essential to pathogenesis and the bacterial molecules responsible in the target species.
This strategy should lead to a reduction in the use of antibiotics for mastitis control.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Role of virulence determinants of streptococcus uberis pathogens of bovine mastitis in the dairy cow   (40k)
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From: 1999

To: 2002

Cost: £446,875
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