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Immunobiology of coccidial infection - OD0534

This project proposes to determine the nature of the host immunoprotective response(S) to infection with Eimeria soo. with a view towards the rational development of the next generation of anti-coccidial vaccine strategies. The proposal is based on a multidisciplinary approach that focuses upon the characterisation of host immune effector responses and the biology of the parasite stages that are targets for immunoprotective responses. We will combine studies in the chicken with those in murine model systems that mimic the biology of many avaian Eimeria spp.. We are also in a nique position to examine aspects of immunity to infection with fowl Eimeria spp. taking advantage of the knowledge, reagents and assay sytems developed at the IAH as a part of the ongoing avian immunology program. In the host completely immune to Eimeria spp. the protective responses act against the very earliest stages of infection. Howver, the immunoprotective effector responses that operate in the immune host are not well understood. We intend to use a variety of strategies to dissect the mechanisms involved in this aspect of immunoprotection that will provide essential infromation on the type of response we wish to induce by vaccination.

Studies of the immunological aspects of infection with Eimeria spp. also provide substantial addedvalue toward the understanding of the induction and expression of immune responses in the gut to vaccines and other intestinal pathogens (e.g. Crytosporidium spp., a zoonosis with a potential livestock reservoir)

The work included in this proposal addressess MAFF key policy objectives including;
1. A contemporary approach towards the development of novel immunological strategies for sustainable control of coccidial disease.
2. Research on a group of diseases that are of immense economic importance. Clinical outbreaks are also a significant problem in terms of animal welfare.
3. Maintenance, with the UK, of an internationally respected scientific programme that can act on behalf of and respond to requirements of MAFF, the consumer and industry into the next millennium.
4. Research to circumvent the ned for prophylactic chemotherapy- thus removing the high demands for in-feed drugs and with them prospects for drug-residues in meat for human consumption.
5. A focus for co-funded projects, both directly for control of animal diseases as well as to support research into protozoal zoonoses.
01 The essential components of the host protective response to coccidial infection.
02 The effect of recombiant chicken IFNy on the growth of E. tennella in vitro.
03 Establishing a novel strategy for examination of immunity to E. maxima in the chicken.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Immunobiology of coccidial infection   (566k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1999

To: 2003

Cost: £858,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Institute for Animal Health (BBSRC)
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