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DNA markers in leek improvement. - HH0914TFV

We will carry out strategic research to underpin genetic improvement of leek germplasm adapted to the UK environment. Molecular genetic techniques will be used to study allelic variation within cultivated leek, the wider A. ampeloprasum gene pool and related wild species, enabling relationships within these taxa to be classified.

The information gained will be used as the foundation for developing DNA markers to demonstrate the agronomic potential of favourable alleles present in natural diversity in wild relatives. This will use as a model, with particular reference to the UK, the introgression of leek rust resistance from A. commutatum. We will aim to identify molecular markers linked to this and other agronomic traits that will enable the development of new and improve d cultivars by plant breeders.

The classification of genetic variation within cultivated leek will be used to identify parental material which will be used to produce segregating populations for later use as potential mapping populations for DNA markers.
1.To identify allelic variation and estimate genetic diversity within A. ampeloprasum and related wild species using RAPID analysis giving basic genetic information and supporting objectives 2 & 3.

2. To use polymorphisms to confirm introgression of genetic material from A. commutatum into leek and explore the potential for molecular based marker(s) as a 'breeder friendly' system for introgression of leek rust resistance along with favourable agronomic traits.

3. To Identify suitable parental material within cultivated leek, from which to generate a mapping population(s) as a long term aid to marker assisted selection for a range of traits pertinent to the UK.
Project Documents
• Final Report : DNA markers in leek improvement.   (923k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1999

To: 2004

Cost: £313,327
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Horticulture Research International
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