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Pheromones of strawberry blossom weevil and European tarnished plant bug and control in strawberry crops - HH1939SSF

The aims of the project are (a) to examine the potential of the pheromones of the strawberry blossom weevil and European tarnished plant bug for monitoring the pests in strawberry crops in the UK; and (B) to determine whether the strawberry blossom weevil pheromone can be used to manipulate populations to avoid economic damage, so reducing or avoiding the need for sprays or broad-spectrum OP insecticides. This is consistent with the policy objectives of promoting minimal and safe use of pesticides to protect health and safety and the environment and fostering a competitive UK horticulture industry. It is intended that methods developed will be used by UK strawberry growers to monitor and possibly control the pests in their crops.
One overall objective of this project is to develop strategies for monitoring and control of strawberry blossom weevil using phereomones. Specific objectives are:

1. To determine the response of male and female strawberry blossom weevils to combinations of the six candidate pheromone components. This will include determination of the importance of Germacrene-D and the chirality of the lavandulol component, if a route for the synthesis of the enantiomers of the latter can be devised.

2. To determine how the physical characteristics of pheromone traps baited with pheromone lures affect trapping efficiency of the strawberry blossom weevil.

3. To determine how the physical characteristics of pheromone trap catches and blossom weevil population density, including investigation of whether non-target species are collected.

4. To determine to what extent summer emerged blossom weevil adults that are in reproductive diapause are attracted to the pheromone.

5. To determine the spatial range of attraction of the blossom weevil pheromone and whether it can be utilised to manipulate weevil populations in strawberry crops to reduce them below economically damaging levels.

The second overall objective is to develop strategies for monitoring peat populations of the European tarnished plant bug on strawberry using pheromones. The specific objectives are:

6. To determine whether the European tarnished plant bug chemical components identified can be used as an attractant for maled and whether any are repllent to females.

7. If an attractive combination of the pheromone components and suitable trap design can be identified for the European tarnished bug, to determine the relationship between pheromone trap catches and bug population density.
Project Documents
• Final Report : final report   (3760k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2000

To: 2003

Cost: £190,538
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Horticulture Research International
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