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Spectral reflectance as a basis for in field sensing of crop canopies for precision husbandry of winter wheat - LK0901

The primary objective for this experimental year was to design field experiments based on the decision making processes of the models previously developed by ADAS crop physiologists i.e. to manipulate crop canopies with nitrogen in disease and disease free situations. The aim was to measure key crop parameters needed to aid husbandry decisions on nitrogen and fungicide inputs over the seasons by conventional methods. At the same time, high resolution spectral reflectance measurements were to be taken on the same experimental plots using a LICor L1-1800 spectra radiometer. Having collected the data over the experimental season, analysis was to be carried out in order to correlate the crop parameters measured with the high resolution spectral characteristics.

Project Documents
• Abstract : LK0901 Spectral Reflectance as a Basis for In-Field Sensing of Crop Canopies for Precision Husbandry of Winter Wheat¬†Abstract   (11k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1998

To: 2002

Cost: £446,526
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Arable Farming              
Crop Improvement              
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Wheat Production              
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