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Validation of DESSAC Winter Wheat Fungicide Module - CE0152

Abstract of research

The DESSAC initiative aims to produce a Decision Support System (DSS) for the arable industry; to improve the transfer of new understanding and information from research to practice. The Winter Wheat Fungicide module aims to rationalise the use of fungicides and improve the economic efficiency of winter wheat production – in line with MAFF policy objectives.

The national impact of DESSAC depends on the extent of uptake, and the relationship between costs and benefits of system use. Uptake in turn depends on the benefits perceived by potential users and the extent to which the industry can gain confidence in the technical probity of the system. This proposal covers both the usability of the final system and its technical probity. Performance data and system improvements will be generated, to maximise uptake and impact of the DSS on pesticide use and economic efficiency, and minimise risk. The research described here will be linked to HGCA and Government funded technology transfer initiatives, and supported by validation site/s in Scotland, funded by SOAEFD.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Validation of DESSAC Winter Wheat Fungicide Module   (1756k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1997

To: 2001

Cost: £425,204
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Arable Farming              
Crop Improvement              
Sustainable Production              
Wheat Production              
Fields of Study
Arable Crops