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Monitoring of shellfish for the presence of Amnesic Shell- fish Poisoning (ASP) - FS2849

To establish a cost effective investigative monitoring programme to test for the presence of ASP producing algae in shellfish production waters and ASP toxins in live bivalve molluscs; in order to determine the relevance of this toxin group to UK shell fisheries
To determine the concentrations of ASP toxins present in UK shellfish using analytical techniques. To identify Pseudonitzschia UK waters, upon reaching specific trigger levels, using a combination of molecular and microscopic techniques. To determine if molecular techniques can be used in routine monitoring programmes for the identification of toxic diatom species. To determine the extent that the phytoplankton monitoring data is indicative of the occurrence of ASP toxins in shellfish To determine if ASP should be considered for inclusion in future monitoring programmes.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1998

To: 2000

Cost: £35,400
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Marine Laboratory - Aberdeen