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The immunological determination of meat content - AN0674

1. Establish improvements to immunoassay protocol: (I) optimise meat sample extraction procedures; (ii) improve the stability of diluted sample extracts prior to assay; (iii) investigate methods of reducing the effects of fat in meat samples; (iv) identify the best type of microtitre plate to control non-specific interactions with solubilised meat proteins. By end of month 8. 2. Preparation of immunoaffinity purified antibody cocktails of the required specificity. By end of month 9. 3. Develop immunoassay based on a capture antibody principle. By end of month 14. 4. Establish and prepare an appropriate meat content standard for calibration of the immunoassay. By the end of month 10. 5. Application of improved immunoassay to determination of meat content of meat products of known composition. By end of month 16. 6. Statistical assessment of assay performance. By end of month 17. 7. Production of anti-cooked muscle antibodies directed against beef, pork, lamb and poultry. 8. Immunoaffinity purification of anti-cooked meat antibodies. 9. Assessment of anti-cooked meat antibody binding to cooked meat using microtitre plate format immunoassay techniques. By end of month 12. 10. Submission of project report to MAFF. By end of month 18. In year 2 priority will be given to the cooked meat immunoassay provided its performance at objective 9 is promising.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1997

To: 1998

Cost: £60,801
Contractor / Funded Organisations