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Full Title: To determine what advice and information is available to those involved in agricultural adjustment and whether it meets their needs

Improvements in agricultural efficiency have resulted in a reduction in the contribution that farming makes to the local rural community, particularly in terms of employment. In areas where agricultural employment remains relatively high, changes in farm structure could have very significant impacts on the local economy. This study will aim to assess the type of information and advice required by farm businesses facing structural change as a result of current and proposed changes to agricultural and rural economic policy. A literature review of published and appropriate government commissioned work regarding what type of information and advice farmers seek, and ways in which they obtain it, will be conducted. Key information needs required by farm business operators to make informed and rational decisions will then be identified. The study will also evaluate the level, quality and method of information delivery currently practised in the UK. Information providers will be contacted and asked what type of information is supplied, in what form and by what means. In depth interviews with prominent information providers (e.g. banks, trade associations, levy bodies, government agencies and others) will also be conducted with a view to understanding more fully their strategy and policy in providing information and advice. Recommendations on the adequacy or otherwise of current provision and means of delivery in meeting the needs of farm businesses will then be made in the form of a report published over the Internet. A database of information providers will also be made available.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1997

To: 1997

Cost: £59,251
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Fields of Study
Rural Affairs