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A framework to improve the uptake of comupter models within the UK horticultural industry. - HH9913T

UK horticulture is a highly sophisticated industry that relies heavily on technological developments to remain competitive internationally. Considerable MAFF and industry investment has been directed at the elucidation of processes of plant development, and of their pests and diseases, in horticultural crops. In many instances computer models, that use weather data as inputs, have been developed that describe these processes. The uptake of these models by the horticulture industry has been disappointingly slow. New technological developments that aid both the capture of weather data and the presentation of model outputs to users provide new opportunities to increase the rate of up-take of models so improving technology transfer and the competitiveness of UK horticulture. This collaborative project has two inter-related parts. A full financial appraisal, discounted over time, will be done of different scenarios for the use of models ranging from 'do nothing' to 'in crop systems' to the implementation of a 'full network for data capture and information provision'. Some costs and benefits associated with the use of computer-based models will be obtained directly from users through a series of structured workshops. This will provide significant technology transfer in increasing the awareness of models and their benefits to users. A single model will be selected from the HRI 'portfolio' to use for the development of a generic approach to the workshops. A series of workshop tools will be developed to enable users to identify and quantify the benefits to them of computer-based models. At the same time the tools will be developed which enable the most appropriate interface between the model and user to be identified. The results of the project will provide a generic approach by which computer-based models can be taken up widely and rapidly by the UK horticulture industry so improving technology transfer.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1996

To: 1997

Cost: £38,881
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Horticulture Research International
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