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Structural use of roundwood timber - WD0401

Small roundwood timber which is the product of woodland management operations has the potential for incorporation in products for the domestic, leisure and public amenity sectors. Its chief attributes are its inherent strength and its low cost as compared with sawn timber.

Such timber presently commands a low market price. The principal objective of this project is to identify ways in which value can be added to the product by its incorporation into well designed, aesthetically pleasing structures.

The initial phase of the research programme will be as follows:

As a preliminary exercise it will be necessary to develop concept designs and costings for a range of products which can be fabricated from roundwood timber components by unskilled/ semi-skilled labour. These designs will take account of the inherent advantages and limitations of the raw material and of the need to keep costs of processing and assembly to a minimum.

This will enable an evaluation of the potential market for such products to be made and, if such a market exists, allow a marketing strategy to be identified.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1991

To: 1993

Cost: £82,000
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Fields of Study
Farm Woodlands