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The use of deuterated tocopherol to study vitamin E metabolism in normal subjects ... (formerly AN0428) - AN0536

1. To establish a non-invasive technique for determining a-tocpherol bioavailability. To date, the application of deuterated tocopherols to determine vitamin E biokinetics has necessitated the drawing of multiple blood samples. This has restricted the use of hte technology to adulat members of the poulation. In htis contract, we propose to establish an non-invasive means of mesuring a-tocopherol biokinetics by adapting the methods to measure deuterated tocopherol in oral cavity buccal epithelial cells. 2. To establish the methodology to determine a-tocopherol metabolism in human subjects. To date, deuterated tocopherols have only been used to determine tocopherol bioavailability in humans. Obtaining information on vitamin E metabolism will require a reliable index o fvitamin E oxidation. In this contract we will establish the methodology to separate and quantify Simeon metabolites (vitamin E oxidation producxts) in urine. 3. To determine the impact of lowering the energy content of the diet from fat. These changes may have deleterious effects on the bioavailability of vitamin E, whose presence and absorption, is closely linked with the lipid content of food. Study 1 will consider a-tocopherol bioavailability under consition where the fat content of the diet is reduced but the dietary vitamin E concentration is maintained constant. Study 2 Will consider a-tocopherol bioavailability under condition where the vitamin E content of the diet is reduced in proportion to the reduction in fat content. 4. To determine the biokinetics and turenover of a-tocopherol during periods of vitamin E supplementation. Vitamin E supplementationis cecoming increasingly common in the normal population. Surprisingly very little is known about a-tocopherol bioavailability or turnover during supplementation. The availability of deuterated a-tocopherol and techniques to follow it in humans now maskes such a study feasible.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1996

To: 1999

Cost: £337,325
Contractor / Funded Organisations
United Med&Dental Sch. Free Radical Res.